8 Reasons To Go Digital with DSS-IS

Digital security surveillance systems are designed to keep pace with today’s needs with:

1. Proactive Protection

Digital security systems can proactively detect suspicious behavior and trigger an immediate response.


2. Easy Network Access

Authorized users can view live and recorded video at any time from virtually any networked location in the world.


3. Image Quality

Digital video delivers up to 16-times greater resolution than traditional analog cameras.


4. Simplified Management

Central management and remote monitoring streamlines operations by consolidating video surveillance, remote access, and alarm management into a single system.


5. Business Intelligence

Intelligent systems can automatically analyze live video content to develop relevant and insightful analytics, helping you understand customer behavior and improve business operations.


6. Seamless Integration

Digital security solutions based on open standards let you integrate best-in-class equipment from leading vendors. Traditionally separate subsystems— like video surveillance, remote access controls, and alarm management—can now be integrated into one system within your Ethernet-based network.


7. Future-Proof Scalability

The Intel® processor road map and open, standards-based building blocks from multiple vendors let you scale your system as your business needs grow, without costly changes.


8. Cost Effectiveness

Digital technology enables a total cost of ownership comparable to traditional analog CCTV systems due to lower management and equipment costs and improved reliability.