Market experts indicate that more than 60% of new video surveillance installations today still utilize analog technology. However, by the year 2020, these experts predict that nearly 100% of surveillance installations will utilize IP digital camera, storage and network technology.

There are many benefits of using integrated open, standards-based IP digital products and core technologies. These building blocks allow you to build, integrate and scale your Ethernet-based solution as your business needs grow, without costly changes. The cost effectiveness of using digital technology enables a total cost of ownership comparable to most traditional analog systems, due to lower management and equipment costs and improved reliability.

DSS-IS provides seamless integration of digital security products that are based on open standards and represent best-in-class equipment from leading vendors. Traditionally separate security surveillance subsystems - such as video surveillance, remote access controls, and alarm management - now can be integrated into one system within a new or an existing Ethernet-based network.